Documents released by Snowden reveals surveillance and pressure tactics aimed at WikiLeaks, The Pirate Bay and Anonymous

Internal discussions about targeting file-sharing site The Pirate Bay

Documents released by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal covert surveillance and pressure tactics towards WikiLeaks and it’s supporters. These are top-secret documents revealed from the National Security Agency and it’s British counterpart showing how the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom targeted WikiLeaks and other groups of activists.

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Support in Køge for Gottfrid

Yesterday was known as The Day We Fight Back when there was worldwide protesting and demonstrating online and in the streets to show lack of approval and acceptance of the NSA and their monitoring activity.  However, for those who support Gottfrid yesterday was known as even more. It was another day and another chance for us to show and share our support in Køge. Continue reading


Increased attention from Danish media surrounding Gottfrid’s case

Recently there has been an noticeable attention increase in Danish media surrounding Gottfrid’s case, even though the court hearings has been held behind closed doors. The Politiken for example, one of Denmark’s largest newspapers, has featured three articles this month covering Gottfrid and his legal troubles.

Is it possible that the article released in The Guarding in January that called out Denmark journalists for failing to provide adequate coverage has caused an increased interest in the case?

However the fact that the prosecution argues at every court hearing to have the doors closed and the audience, including media, removed before the case is discussed, makes it much harder for media to provide coverage on the case.

Danish media accused of ignoring plight of jailed computer specialist (English)

http://politiken.dk/indland/ECE2200127/politiet-oensker-danmarks-stoerste-hackersag-moerklagt-paa-9-maaned/ (Danish)

http://politiken.dk/indland/ECE2200736/mistaenkte-i-danmarks-stoerste-hackersag-skal-blive-i-faengslet/ (Danish)

http://politiken.dk/magasinet/feature/ECE2205974/jagten-paa-internettets-superpirat/ (Danish)

Frederiksberg Court

Anakata’s custody extended again for another four weeks

Gottfrid had his custody extended for yet another four weeks while police continues the investigation against him and the 20-year-old Danish co-defendant. The court hearing took place behind closed doors again at Frederiksberg’s court house. Because the case is so complex it may take “a few months” before the investigation in completed says the hearings prosecutor Maria Cingari.

Prosecutor turning to Australia for help

The prosecution also says that the data copied from CSC, containing police records and drivers license information, was transfered to servers located outside of Denmark. Because of that they have now asked Australian authorities to assist them in their investigation. That way they are hoping to find out what happened to the information.

Maria Cingari also stated that if you commit a crime you should also be able to do the time it takes investigate it (in jail). It seems like she never considered that Gottfrid might not be guilty after all.

Gottfrid himself has pledged not guilty and he was acquitted of similar charges in Sweden.

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Thanks to everyone who sent us support emails!

We just wanted to say thank you to those who has emailed us with questions or supporter pictures and similar. You people should know that it really means a lot to us that you take the time to do that.

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Swedish show “Brottscentralen” (The Crime Central) made a correction after our coverage

Swedish crime show did the right thing

The Swedish web-TV show “The Crime Central” (Brottscentralen in Swedish) has now made a correction regarding the false information about Gottfrid’s sentence in Sweden stated in an earlier episode. They did so after we reported about this here on the “FREE ANAKATA INFO” blog.
We appreciate that they did the right thing regarding this and cleared Gottfrid’s name from the incorrect information. They have also decided to remove that part of the episode.

The episode providing the correction:

You can find the correction in this episode (in Swedish) of “Brottscentralen” from the 27th of January.

Read the original coverage:

If you want to read our original coverage on this that made this happen you can find the article here.



BREIN vs Gottfrid

We heard from Torrent Freak concerning BREIN again today, but this time it was regarding blockage of Dutch sites.  It brought to mind the article and footage I recently reviewed  when compiling the page of Article History.

Torrent Freak covered the Hackers at Random 2009 conference concerning copyright and piracy.  You can read their article here and read my small synopsis and find the video link below.

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