Appeal date set

Sorry there has been a silence lately. We all know life happens and unless it is happening directly to you sometimes it takes a back seat to other things.

Anakata appeared in court on October 30 2014 and received a guilty verdict for illegally accessing operating systems operated by CSC. His Danish co defendant also received a guilty verdict.

“All three judges and four of six jurors returned guilty verdicts. Two jurors voted to acquit after concluding that the remote access defense could not be ruled out.” TorrentFreak article

His attorney has already made it known that they have filed an appeal for his sentencing. Currently with time served counted toward his 3.5 year sentence, he could be released August 2015.  The appeal has already been added to the court docket and the prosecutor has NOT filed a motion stating they would fight against an appeal in this case.

The courts will begin hearings for the sentencing appeal on April 20, 2015.  Until then continue to support anakata with letters, photos, cards, magazines, legitimate copies of movies, music, video games, books, etc.  Anything other than food items may be received at the arrest house now. His mail is no longer being inspected nor being filtered through Police Headquarters.



Hacking case coming to a close

The largest hacking case that Denmark has ever seen is almost over. This week the prosecution finishes presenting evidence and questions their last witnesses.  Because there is no risk now of hidden messages to sabotage the prosecution’s case anakata is now allowed to receive his mail directly to the arrest house he is located in rather than it being inspected at the police center and then delivered to him at a later date. You can mail him letters and cards directly to the following address.

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Anakata’s Mailing Address Change

Word came from Gottfrid’s mother today that mail is no longer required to be routed through Jens Jorgensen.  It can now be sent direct to him at the arrest house he is currently being held in.

Hopefully this will allow him to receive his mail in a faster and a less invasive manner.  While he is not very good at replying to all of those who have sent him support mail he does appreciate all of the mail. Not only has it helped him know that he is not forgotten, it has also helped pass a lot of his time during incarceration.

Anakata will turn 30 years old this month, while still in jail in Denmark, awaiting the verdict of his recently ended trial.  His birthday is 17 October so don’t forget to drop in your love and support.

Here is his current address:

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg
Arresthuset i Koege
Kongsberg Alle 6
4600 Koege



Exceptional Circumstances In Denmark Hacking Case

Pretrial detainment should not exceed one year in Denmark unless there are exceptional circumstances surrounding the case.  Leave it to Gottfrid Svartholm Warg to be involved in a case that breaks all the “standards”.

As mentioned in the closing of our previous post, Gottfrid (anakata) was part of the first ever criminal trial and conviction against peer to peer site founders. Now he is involved in Denmark’s largest hacking case and his co-defendant is setting precedent this week.   Continue reading


Updates for Anakata Supporters

We have gone between a media frenzy and complete media blackout for news and updates concerning Anakata and his trial since the courts opened the doors to the public. The higher Swedish courts favored the plea of Luise Høj on 4 March 2014. That update is here.

The month of April was filled with many new updates though, and information concerning not only his detainment, but also his upcoming trial. Continue reading